** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the constant increase in the cost of maintaining a warehouse, while at the same time wanting to increase our customers' profits, we've closed our warehouse and we now ship directly from our offshore factories to warehouses in the US and the UK. Therefore, we must request minimum purchase orders to total $6,000. The good news is substantial savings to our customers! The not-so-good news is: this change in our business plan no longer allows us to service individuals who might require replacement Franklin items.

In January, 1986, after many successful years of owning and running Franklin Mfg., Larry Franklin sold his business to a public company. Here he was President of the Franklin division for 24 years. In the last months of 2009, Larry was informed that the public company was going to close his Franklin division. In January, 2010, rather than allow the business to be sold, he bought a substantial amount of the inventory and once again incorporated the name "Franklin Mfg." The company is back ...and as strong as ever! The reason for this, of course, is Larry's vast experience and knowledge of the industry. He has made more than 40 visits overseas, and he has established close relationships with many factories, and he has maintained many important business contacts over the years.

The "new" Franklin Mfg. deals with all the same items, which you can find listed on this website. We save time and money for our customers. We invite volume buyers to use our "contact" page for information about any of our products or services.

There's something to be said about "experience". We think you'll agree!